Vetulonia: the Etruscans in the Maremma at the MUVET

Vetulonia: the Etruscans in the Maremma at the MUVET

There is a place in the Maremma where you can discover the history of the Etruscans: the Civic Archeological Museum of Vetulonia. The museum is named after the doctor Isidoro Falchi, an archeology enthusiast who in the late 1800s began a series of excavations in search of the ancient Etruscan city Vatl, now called Vetulonia. The settlement had been identified between Viterbo and the Val di Cornia, but it had never been found. Falchi found a document that indicated the hill where the “Colonna di Burano” village once stood, behind Castiglione della Pescaia, as the place where the Etruscan coins of Vatl were found. He managed to identify the road with the monumental Petrera, Diavolino and Duce tombs and part of the Etruscan-Roman acropolis.
Today the finds are exhibited at the MUVET, an avant-garde museum with many activities, including the Web App, educational workshops for children and families, guided theme tours and temporary exhibitions.
We highly recommend a visit to the MUVET to discover the Etruscans on land and sea!

Why visit the MUVET

The museum is divided into seven rooms, which are also accessible to physically disabled and visually impaired persons. It has audio-tactile maps and a path with a platform, along with workshops on authentic finds for the blind and visually impaired. Among the grave goods and objects there are statues, jewelry, vases and cinerary hut-urns. The highlights are the silver and gold artifacts, but the real “star” of Vetulonia is the stone warrior Auvele Feluske. He is on a stone stela with some of the oldest known Etruscan writing. The exhibition also includes the gold jewelry of the Lancetti collection.  
Among the features of the MUVET is “Otium degli Etruschi,” the new Progressive Web App. You get lost in the otium, or leisure activities, of the ancient Rasna (the name the Etruscans gave to themselves), discovering musical instruments found with the “"The Lost Music of the Etruscans” project, or in the banquet rooms. One section opens a time passage where, following the traces of a “love pledge,”  you can discover the incredible link between an ancient artifact, now on exhibit in the museum, and the life of a Nobel Prize winner for Literature.

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The “BODY TO BODY” exhibition

This exhibition is the event for 2023, and it celebrates men and the universally positive and wide-ranging value of sports. Visiting the exhibition, one has the privilege of seeing an extraordinary encounter: boxers, athletes and gladiators, masterpieces of ancient bronze and marble statues on loan from the National Archeological Museum of Naples, dialogue with the work Nude by the greatest contemporary interpreter and heir to the beauty of classical art, Igor Mitoraj.
The exhibition will be open until November 5, 2023.

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