The sea in winter in Castiglione della Pescaia and Punta Ala

The sea in winter in Castiglione della Pescaia and Punta Ala

Silence and an immense horizon go hand in hand with the winter sea. Towns and seaside villages in this season become almost poetic and continue to arouse emotions. Castiglione della Pescaia and Punta Ala overlook the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with landscapes ranging from beaches to the highest point of their historic town centres that change in colour and atmosphere month in month out. So let's enjoy the differences, let's dip into their beauty and let's not lose the opportunity to also experience winter in these ancient villages, far from the typically frenetic, crowded summer season.  

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Why choose Castiglione della Pescaia in winter

Castiglione della Pescaia really is a balcony overlooking the Tuscan archipelago.  In winter, the deserted beaches offer an unusual scenario compared to the lively, noisy summer atmosphere. We suggest you make the most of this more relaxed season to explore its historic town centre: Palazzo Centurioni, the church of Santa Maria del Giglio, the parish church of San Giovanni Battista and the imposing mediaeval fortress on the highest point of the promontory, from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas in Italy.  And don't forget a walk along the promenade in the crisp air to the sound of shrieking seagulls. Even better, do it at dusk as shades of red and orange blend together.

Why choose Punta Ala in winter

If you just happen to be in Punta Ala on a winter's day, you'll discover a truly unique place. The entire area is almost crowd-free in this season, yet the excellent weather will allow you to enjoy some unforgettable days. The winter temperature in Punta Ala is always pleasant and rarely falls below 3 degrees, so it's perfect for a walk to enjoy the sound of breaking waves and the fragrances of the Mediterranean maquis.  A visit to the harbour is a must, where everything is so much quieter without the typical to and fro of the motorboats and yachts And there are some exclusive opportunities for sports enthusiasts. First and foremost is Punta Ala's prestigious, internationally recognised golf course, where the Club House is always open and you can take lessons, and you can also go horse riding along the beach in the winter months. The wider surrounding area also offers numerous paths for trekking and for mountain bike rides.
All that's left is for you to allow yourself to be lulled by the enjoyable sensations that only the winter sea can give.

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Punta Ala and its surroundings are the ideal place to live in peace and quiet, just a stone's throw from the sea. Both new and renovated homes in this area are highly sought-after on the property market.  Investments in this corner of Tuscany are very popular.

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