The joy of living in Punta Ala

The joy of living in Punta Ala

Many have recently chosen to move to, or buy a second home in places on a more human scale. Areas with a sustainable pace of life, yet with good quality services and activities that respect the environment. One area that offers the ideal home is undoubtedly Punta Ala, a seaside resort renowned for its beautiful beaches, restaurants, cafes, close to villages, places of culture and surrounded by splendid nature.
Over the years, Punta Ala has developed into one of the most elegant, exclusive seaside resorts in Tuscany.  

Why choose Punta Ala?

The Punta Ala promontory lies approximately 20 km north of Castiglione della Pescaia and 17 km from Roccamare. Until the 30s, the area was called "Punta Troia": the name was changed by the famous aviator, Italo Balbo, who fell in love with it while flying overhead and went on to set up home there. He noticed the promontory looked like a seagull's wing from above.

What are the benefits of living in the area of Punta Ala?

 1.    THE SEA - Punta Ala's extremely long beaches with good facilities, little creeks and very clean sea water have been awarded the Blue Flag and Five Sails several years running. The modern pleasure boat harbour has 800 berths and is home to the prestigious Yacht Club and the birthplace of Luna Rossa. The climate at Punta Ala is especially pleasant and you can make the most of it to spend time outdoors even in spring and autumn.  

LIFE STYLE - as the area is well cared for with a low ecological impact, it guarantees all-round relaxation.  The area features small and medium, as yet authentic, well-serviced villages..

THE LANDSCAPE - the small and medium historic centres stand amidst a luxuriant, often unpolluted landscape. Moving to Punta Ala will make you want to breath clean, fresh air and admire the landscape once more.

ART, HISTORY AND CULTURE - Punta Ala boasts a rich, artistic heritage, beginning in Castiglione della Pescaia: churches, palaces, monuments, archaeological sites and museums. It's the starting point to visit the large, Tuscan cities of art, such as Florence and Siena or the coastline, thanks to its good travel links nearby (train stations, airports, ferries).

FOOD AND WINE - Tuscan tradition-inspired dishes, especially fish, are fundamental in the cuisine of this area. Don't forget the wines from some major wine cellars (tours available) with multi-award labels.

SPORTS AND EVENTS - There are so many outdoor leisure opportunities linked to the sea, such as kite surfing, kayaking or fishing, and more. For those keen on sport, there is one of Italy's most exclusive golf courses, tennis courts, horse riding arenas with an excellent riding school and cycleways for cycle rides. For those looking for entertainment and activities, the town calendars are packed day and night all year round.

The ideal home in the area of Punta Ala

If we at Live in Tuscany had to choose one of the best places to live, there is no doubt in our mind: Punta Ala!

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